Shield for the game «[Deleted Name Of The Game]» and autofarm bot

Lots of loot with the searching bot Do you have such problems:

This program was created to make game easier and take an advantage by the others.

More freetime, less eyestrain and more enjoyable game!


Search options of the bot for [Deleted Name Of The Game]
Shield settings of the bot for [Deleted Name Of The Game]
Training troops by the bot for [Deleted Name Of The Game]
Attack options of the bot for [Deleted Name Of The Game]
Donate settings of the bot for [Deleted Name Of The Game]
Stats tab of the bot for [Deleted Name Of The Game]
Log of the bot for [Deleted Name Of The Game]

Just click "Farm resources" or "Earn trophies" - the bot will calculate the best settings for itself with your current townhall level and trophies. It will train troops, wait until they are ready, start searching victim and will find tasty base... It attacks with perfect human quality! No one can imagine, that it was attack by the bot!

Here are some functions:

And the most enjoyable - you can play favorite game on your PC by Windows! (The bot will wait for you playing, if the Bluestacks window is active)

How to play [Deleted Name Of The Game] on PC (Windows XP, Windows 7 etc.)

Magic of playing [Deleted Name Of The Game] on PC computer

You need to install on your home or work computer (maybe both) emulator-program of operating system Android, which allows you to run any games and applications from your smartphone.

The best Android emulator today is BlueStacks App Player, available for free download from the official site, but sometimes it needs to find the best version of that emulator for your computer:

But the program has disadvantages. For its free, it requires the installation of several dozen different applications, so the first 10-30 minutes (depending on the speed of your internet) do not do anything in the program, because it can exit the application and restart the emulator.

The next step after installing the emulator BlueStacks - installing the game [Deleted Name Of The Game] inside it. This is done as usual on android, just imagine that you have a new tablet. Going into the installed game, don't worry, you do not have to start all over again!

Just use the function "Link a device", and then follow the developer.

But if you've played with the device on android earlier, then try to use the button "Google+ link", that can automatically link the game to your main account.

How to use the shield and searching bot

  1. Download and install the "BlueStacks App Player"
  2. Download and install this bot
  3. Launch the bot
  4. Click the button "Register" and put your activation key. You can get free trial for 3 days of testing by the program menu.
  5. Click the button "Farm resources" to get the best settings for your TH and league.
  6. That's all! Be sure, that the window of Bluestacks is not in front of others and relax, look how it works or just go somewhere you need to.
  7. Please do not block your system screen and do disable hibernate and other energy-saving options for better working of the bot.

So on, now nobody can attack you... for about 6 hours or after you shutdown your comp. Why only 6 hours? Because after 6 hours online the game you will see a message "You been playing too mush time and your villagers need a rest". But don't worry, after 5-7 minutes this bot will connect the game again.

Here is video-demonstration of the searching proccess (please turn on subtitles by the button "CC"):

Price of this shield-bot is only 27$ FOREVER!

The key can be used only on one computer

Just imagine how much you spend on gems, if you fill your storages... The bot will fill it every hour at least 400k+ gold and 400k+ elixir! Even you can get gems with the bot, because it can automatically go to the Champion league (TH7+) and get 2000 gems for you.

You can get the key automatically just after the payment if you use internet-shop, it has many kindes of payment including banking card, paypal etc. Also you can get a refund in 3 days after your purchase if something not work or you don't like how it works (but better use free demo-version before buing). Just follow one of his links to get unlimited loot automatically every hour:
FREE All functionality

3 days of using
5$ USD
2.65$ USD All functionality

1 month of using
10$ USD
5.31$ USD All functionality

3 months of using
15$ USD
12.70$ USD All functionality

1 year
40$ USD
26.50$ USD All functionality

Unlimited and Forever

Direct methods of payment without comission fee (need to put your email in the comment of payment):

If you don't like the bot for some reason, I guarantee a full refund for you (only if your using period of the bot is less than 4 days).

If the bopt can't start trial, please get the cheapest key for 5 days for ~1 dollar by this link to check how the bot works, and after that decide.

Put your email in the comment of payment, I will send you activation code. Or email me the payment confirmation.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to email me, skype genix.g or ICQ 300117114.

download bot

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is system requirements?

Answer: Windows 7-10, 1Gb RAM (for Bluestacks)

Question: How does the bot's shield work?

Answer: The "Shield" works like a clicker, with some period clicking to the game window and makes you always online. So, nobody can attack user when he is online.
But the shield works only when BlueStacks window is not on the front of other windows! Better if it is covered by any other window (means "works in background").
And disable all energysaving options, because the bot will stop to work.

Question: The bot doesn't search(going back to the base or any other mistake)

Answer: One of this will help:

Question: After some time bot stops to attack.

Answer: Disable all energysaving options and do not launch games in fullscreen.

Question: How long time the key will work?

Answer: It is forever for any later version of the bot.

Question: If I reinstall Windows or change my computer, do I need to buy another key?

Answer: No, just send me your key and I will clear computer info on it, so you can activate it somewhere else.

Question: My antivirus says that the bot is a virus. Is it?

Answer: The bot uses system functions to control mouse, like many of viruses do, so for antivirus it looks like. But the bot will never make any harm for your computer or steal data, it is only clicker.

Question: The bot says can't work in background mode

Answer: Three soultions:

Question: Can't autoupdate.

Answer: Launch the bot with administrator rules or copy to another folder.

Question: The bot doesn't work with Bluestacks in fullscreen mode.

Answer: Do not use Bluestacks fullscreen mode with the bot.

Question: Will I be banned with this bot?

Answer: The bot is absolutely safe of bans, because it plays like a human - just simple clicking. No scripts, no cheats! The COCTimer makes every single click in other point with random variation. Every time period also has random variable. Be safe!

Question: How to change BlueStacks window size?

Answer: Launch the 860x720.reg file inside the bot's folder and restart your computer.

Question: Can't install [Deleted Name Of The Game] on Bluestacks (error [RPC:S -7:AEC-0])?


  1. Settings -> Application manager -> All
  2. Services Google Play -> Clear Cache -> Clear data.
  3. The same for “Google Service Framework“
  4. The same for “Google Play Marker”
  5. Restart your computer.

Changes history and future updates

Change history:

  • Release 8.5.8 14 August 2021
    - Added disco wizards.
    - Added level 14 wall upgrade.
    - Added support for Bluestacks version 5
    Download link for this version.
  • Release 8.5.6 17 June 2021
    - fixed quick troops training
  • Release 8.5.5 31 May 2021
    - fixed the problem "I can't see the buttons"
    - fixed the problem of detecting units after the expiration of super.
    - fixed the use of heroes with animals
    - fixed detection of the "Jungle" map when searching.
  • Release 8.5.2 15 April 2021
    - Fixed adding building to upgrade in Nox
    - Handling mistake with training troops
    - Added 14 TH
  • Release 8.4.9 19.02.2021
    - Fixed training of Ice Golem
    - Fixed the problem of 'can't see buttons'.
  • Release 8.4.7 12/15/2020
    - Fixed training of units, spells and machines. Superunits now separately
    - Fixed boosting of heroes and mines, need to re-add.
  • Release 8.4.5 11/05/2020
    - Fixed unzoom problem with accounts not in the clan
    - Fixed train problem
  • Release 8.4.4 10/30/2020
    - Fixed changing accounts if them more than 4
    - Fixed unzoom problem in the Builder's village
    - New super-troops added
  • Release 8.4.2 09/07/2020
    - Fixed unzoom problem in the latest Bluestacks
    - Fixed troops training
  • Release 8.4.2 09/07/2020
    - Fixed troops and lighting spells training
  • Release 8.4.1 08/26/2020
    - Fixed disco-wizards attacking
    - Added new supertroops training and using (use the same as usual units)
  • Release 8.4.0 08/12/2020
    - Fixed troops training
    - Fixed supertroops training and using (use the same as usual units)
  • Release 8.3.9 06/23/2020
    - Fixed Clan Games cancelation
    - Fixed Lighting spell using
  • Release 8.3.8 04/21/2020
    - Improved donate with "Superspeed" checkbox (for donate-clans like "Req N Go")
  • Release 8.3.5 04/16/2020
    - Fixed sending test to chat
    - Fixed request for reinforcements (and switching accounts for the same reason)
    - Improved use of warrior life analysis spells
  • Release 8.3.4 04/01/2020
    - Fixed attack with reinforced warriors (treacherous goblin, super barbarian, super wall war and super giant)
    - Fixed request for reinforcements
    - Fixed distribution of reinforcements to clan members, including pictures
    - Improved donation mode with a tick "super speed" (donat all that is)
    - Adapted to the freshest Bluestacks 4.190
    - Perhaps the problem with quick training was fixed (did not go into battle and canceled the finished army)
  • Release 8.3.2 31 December 2019
    - Fixed training troops
    - Fixed heroes boost
  • Release 8.3.0 20 December 2019
    - Adapted to the latest Bluestacks 4.150 at the moment
    - Fixed donate for 9 units
    - Fixed display of trophies in statistics for several accounts (and resetting cups at the same time)
    - Added yeti and new siege machine
    - Added a selection of siege vehicles depending on the specified priority in the attack settings (tab "Troops - Who to attack", the higher the list, the higher priority)
    - Fixed the expectation of heroes on the upgrade
    - Improved attack in the village of the builder (determination of units, priority of landing)
  • Release 8.2.8 11 December 2019
    - Fixed adding an account if there are more than 4
    - Fixed switching to more than 4 accounts (now for sure)
    - Fixed launch of the game on Bluxtax 4.31
    - Added new hero Royal Champion
    - Added upgrade of level 14 walls
    - Added 13 level of the town hall
    Download link for this version.
  • Release 8.2.6 09 December 2019
    - Donate of reinforcements without bottles fixed (few places in camps)
    - Fixed game launch after update
    - fixed snow disable
  • Release 8.2.4 08 November 2019
    - Fixed switching accounts after updating the game
  • Release 8.2.4 06 November 2019
    - Fixed switching accounts after updating the game
    - Fixed display of received resources when the heroes attack the town hall in the corner
    - Added notification in telegrams about the account number from which the attack was conducted
    - Fixed work in the builder’s village with an additional builder sent to the main village
  • Release 8.2.2 18 October 2019
    - Added new unit "Royal Ghost"
    - Fixed donate and quick train
    - Added output of information on the number of days remaining until the end of the key (under the big button, only for temporary keys)
    - Added the ability to renew the key for 1-12 months using the link from the program (in the same place where the number of days left is displayed)
  • Release 8.2.1 1.09.2019
    - Fixed landing of ice golems
    - Throw a freeze on the eagle (if any)
    - The poison rushes at the queen not only with balls, but also with any attack
    - Added the ability to train the previous army (in the "Quick Training" section)
    - The ability to change the scrolling speed of the goblin map when gaining experience queen
    - Increased waiting time when switching accounts for weak computers
  • Release 8.2.0 08/04/2019
    - Added earning expierience on the map "The Arena" with Queen and Grand Warden
    - Disco-mag
    - More than 4 acounts working
  • Release 8.1.8 07/02/2019
    - Fixed the launch of the battle in the legendary league
    - Fixed determining the number of resources when they exceed the maximum
  • Release 8.1.2 06/28/2019
    - Correction of the launch of the battle after the game update
    - Change the definition of the custodian (updated picture)
    - Fixed definition of airship in the army
    - Fixed and accelerated the queen experience set on goblin cards
  • Release 8.1.1 05/02/2019
    - fixed upgrading buildings and walls
    - fixed storages numbers detect
  • Release 8.0.9 03/14/2019
    - fix scaling in bluestacks 4.31
    - Added daw acceleration building machines
    - Fixed complete removal of bottles and units during quick training
    - Added bats spell attack
  • Release 8.0.7 03/12/2019
    - fixed analysis of protective structures (by 80%)
    - Fix hangs when training, if the whole line is full- Training hounds and golems (with a shift) in Bluestacks <= 0.10
    - Recognition of the letter "G" with donate
    - Translation in the log of used bottles in battle
    - Fixed Valkyrie attack
    - definition in training a can of skeletons
    - detection of unavailability of reinforcement request
    - definition of town hall 12 level
  • Release 8.0.6 1 Feb 2019
    - Donate StoneSlammer fixed
    - Coordinates manage fixed in bluestacks 2.4.44 and 2.6
  • Release 8.0.5 5 Jan 2019
    - Ability to boost barracks and spells without setting coordinates (Tab "Main Village - Shield - Base)
    - Fixed troops training
  • Release 8.0.4 1 Jan 2019
    - Fixed bottle training
    Download this version.
  • Release 8.0.3 27 December 2018
    - Fixed heroes boosting once again
    - Fixed bombing srills
    - Fixed logging while bombing drills and army when attacking
    - Added Bats (just for donate yet), Ice Golem and Stone Slammer
  • Release 7.9.7 24 December 2018
    - Fixed determining the number of bottles when attacking (actually using them)
    - Fixed a bug with hanging on the first database when searching and before searching
  • Release 7.9.6 14 December 2018
    - Fixed zoom out problem with new scale
    - Added El Primo unit
  • Release 7.9.4 11 December 2018
    Some fixes for game update
  • Release 7.9.2 7 November 2018
    - 12 townhall recognition fixed
    - Atacking with magitians fixed
    - Clan war attacks fixed
    - WallWrecker landing now the same point as heroes
  • Release 7.9.1 2 November 2018
    - Train troops by piece fixed
  • Release 7.9.0 31 October 2018
    - New units added and training fixed
  • Release 7.8.7 23 October 2018
    - Fixed attacks after today game update
    - Fixed swipe in Bluestacks 0.10.7, 2.6, 2.4.44
    - Fixed bot crash suring change account
    Download this version
  • Release 7.8.6 18 October 2018
    - Fixed working in Bluestacks 0.10.7, 2.6, 2.4.44 and latest 4.31
    - Donate of battleBlimp and airship is now shown in stats
    - Fixed swipe in Bluestacks 4.31,training, earn exp with queen etc. workd fine now.
    - The bot will not donate if elixir level less than 2% of your elixir storage
  • Release 7.8.2 16 October 2018
    - Added multiple accounts working (the bot changes it during the troops training)
    - Fixed launch of Bluestacks 3N, added Bluestacks 4 support
    - Fixed blimp activation
    - Fixed electrodragon train and attacking
    - Fixed TH in corner search mistake
    - In "earn trophies" mode the bot will put poison spell on the queen place before attack
  • Release 7.7.9 29 June 2018
    - Added Bluestacks 3 support
    - Fixed using of lighting spells
    - Fixed using heroes abilities
    Download this version
  • Release 7.7.3 15 June 2018
    - Donate and training Machines - WallWrecker and BattleBlimp
    - Login with SupercellID fixed
    - A lot of other bugs fixed
  • Release 7.6.7 12 June 2018
    - Fixed bottles count deteting (didn't use it with balloons)
    - Login with SupercellID
    - Training, donate and attacking with new Electrodragon.
    - Quick train fixed
    - Donate fixed
    - Wall upgrade fixed (less than 8 levels)
    - Archers towers images updated
    - Bottles train mistake fixed
  • Release 7.6.4 23 May 2018
    - Fixed using Nox in none-background mode. Click the COCTimer menu "Settings - Disable background mode" and it will work fast as Bluestacks, but with no restart problems!
    - Additional check for "No eagle" option included
    - Added templates for clan quests (Builder's games), that the bot will choose
    - Some other bugs fixed
  • Release 7.6.3 15 May 2018
    - Fixed using of clan bottles
    - Fixed using of heroes with attack from down side on the TownHall
    - Restore emulator window position after restart
    - Fixed param "Mines outside the walls"
  • Release 7.6.2 14 May 2018
    - Implemented the participation of bots in clan wars. The bot will first search among the possible ones for the quests, the pictures of which are laid in the database for easy execution, and if nothing is found, then it will launch the first one. When the time is up, the next one will run, etc.
    - Added a check mark to disable the analysis of weak mines (the bot sometimes for some reason skipped greasy abandoned bases when mistakenly noticed there mines of weak level). If you have such a problem, disable the checkmark on the Autumn Tree - Attack tab.
    - Implemented a new version of the attack by air - minidrakonchikami. Try an army of 13 dragons, 1 hellish hound, 16 balls, 3 accelerators, 1 rush and 1 clan spell (for 11 level town hall 15 minidragons and 4 accelerators)
    - Fixed a problem with starting the search after using the buttons for manual search and attack.
    - Fixed PEKKA donate
  • Release 7.5.9 11 April 2018
    - Many bugs with emulators, donate and others fixed
  • Release 7.5.5 19 March 2018
    - Nox Player now is supported!
    - Fixed relaunch app problem
  • Release 7.5.2 04 March 2018
    - Fixed continue searching while async detected
    - Fixed stop-periods and CRoTimer bot launching
    - Fixed error login with Supercell ID
    - Fixed train mistakes
  • Release 7.5.0 06 Feb 2018
    - Work in MEmu fixed
    - Pause after attack fixed
    - Added option to remove wrong units from stack of usual training
  • Release 7.4.9 03 Jan 2018
    - Fixed train mistakes
  • Release 7.4.8 25 Dec 2017
    - Removing redundant units in training
    - Fixed townhalls recognition
    - Fixed Ice Wizard
  • Release 7.4.6 23 Dec 2017
    - Attacks on CLAN WARS!
  • Release 7.4.1 9 Nov 2017
    - Added option of Nonstop attacking in builders village
  • Release 7.4.0 07 Nov 2017
    - Using hero ability in builders village
    - Waiting for hero health in builders village
    - Fixed a lot of errors
  • Release 7.3.7 03 Nov 2017
    - Ability to use Healers behind the Queen (tab "Main Village - Attack")
    - Cleaning trash in builders village
    - Fixed error with zoom and going between villages
  • Release 7.3.5 03 Nov 2017
    - Mini-dragon donate fixed
    - Train errors fixed
  • Pumpkin Release 7.3.4 30 Oct 2017
    - Now supports new units to get some gems!
    - Train errors fixed
  • Release 7.3.3 25 Oct 2017
    - Fixed some bugs
  • Release 7.3.0 11 Sept 2017
    - Fixed training errors with new unit and spell
    - Fixed Golem donate
  • Release 7.2.9 09 September 2017
    - Fixed training errors with new unit and spell
    - Collect gems in builders village
    - Using free boost in builders village every 7 hours
    - Waiting for clan troops
    - Waiting for bottles ready
  • Release 7.2.8 09 Aug 2017
    - Attacking with any unit type and Hero in Builder's Village
    - Fixed train by piece bug
  • Release 7.2.6 26 July 2017
    - Attacking with any unit type in Builder's Village and bug fixed.
  • Release 7.2.5 24 July 2017
    - Auto attacking in Builder's Village.
    - Farm experience on Goblins Picnick.
  • Release 7.2.2 06 July 2017
    - Now the bot dumps trophies during the search victim, only if victim is not good for attack.
    - Dumping trophies with the min-weight warrior or Hero.
    - Fixed closing Laboratory if someone is upgrading already
  • Release 7.2.0 04 July 2017
    - Clever usage of Rage bottles in attack with Baloons and Minions
    - Using combo with Healers and Queen for trophies, just train 4-5 healers and set the checkbox "Wait for a Queen"
    - Great search for weak defense bases! Use the scrollbar on the tab "Attack" to set 80% if you have 10TH, 70% for 11TH and get quick into Champion and Titan league!
    - Ability to wait for a GrandWarden also
    - Fixed autobuilding in Builders Village.
    - Fixed relaunch of Eagle Artillery.
  • Release 7.1.5 03 June 2017
    - Collect mines on builders village)
    - Improved time before attack
    - Fixed MEmu launch problems
  • Release 7.1.3 29 May 2017
    - Now the bot can work with MEmu (beta)
    - Many bugs fixed with latest game update
  • Release 6.6.8 31 Jan 2017
    - Many bugs fixed with training and attacking
    - Now the bot can send requests for Friendly Challenge every N minutes
  • Release 6.6.1 3 Jan 2017
    - Ice Wizard ready for farm!
    - Lighting spells training all-time (checkbox)
    - Fixed donate pekka, farm with minions, re-arm traps and other bugs
    Download this version
  • Release 6.5.9 27 Dec 2016
    - Fixed many bugs after game update
    - Fixed snow mode recognition
  • Release 6.5.5 18 Nov 2016
    - Fixed TH level recognition for eraning trophies and searching townhalls in the corners.
    - Fixed GrandWarden using, if he disabled in settings
  • Release 6.5.3 19 Oct 2016
    - Msny bugs fixed in training and attacking.
  • Release 6.5.0 13 Oct 2016
    - Improved rage spell and heal spell using.
    - Now bot can quickly train one of quick armies you manually set in game. Train by piece will be fixed later.
  • Release 6.4.9 06 Sep 2016
    - Few bugs fixed
  • Release 6.4.7 31 Aug 2016
    - Added checkbox "Only if mines outside the walls" on the tab "Attack"
    - Fixed recognition problems in training
  • Release 6.4.6 21 July 2016
    - Attack improved! Now it even more human-like than it was and much faster and effective!
    - Settings for earning trophies updated (Use the button "Earn trophies")
    - Fixed searching victim in titan league
    - Fixed GrandWarden using ability
    - Fixed attacking with Miner and BabyDragon
  • Release 6.4.4 14 June 2016
    - Fixed speed donate
    - New troops using and donating
    - Few bugs fixed
    - Translated to Portugal language (Thanks Dmitro Trynich)
  • Release 6.4.1 27 May 2016
    - Fixed donate and training after yesterday CoC update.
  • Release 6.3.5 05 May 2016
    - Fixed activating bot after Personal Break.
    - Statistics counting bug fixed.
  • Release 6.3.3 28 April 2016
    - Detection of "Personal Break" message to avoid multiple clicks on it.
    - Few bugs fixed.
  • Release 6.3.1 22 April 2016
    Mostly wanted:
    - Using heal bottles, hurry and rage bottles in attacking!
    - Donate and using new unit Bowler
    The most fair playing updates (now it is absolutely impossible to detect the bot from the game app):
    - Random variables added to every time option of the bot also on every click.
    - Ability of time-planning of farming with bot: set the time it will starts and ends daily
    - Ability to set farming-time and rest-time periods.
    - Now it collects mines more like a human.
    - Now it trains units more like a human
    Important changes:
    - Using clan-troops in attack with high-level clans
    - Clever auto-ending battle
    - Fixed bombing dark elixir in collectors
    - Fixed training troops in 7-level dark barrack
    - Fixed dark and trophies recognition during search
    - Removed dangerous attack options of the bot
    - Fixed using troops and bottles checkboxes saving
  • Release 6.2.5 25 March 2016
    - Fixed detection of giants in your Clan Castle to make it attacking first.
    - Making bottles to use on future, if you use one type of bottle in one factory.
    - Fixed first unit landing.
  • Release 6.2.4 24 March 2016
    A lot of bugs fixed.
  • Release 6.2.3 22 March 2016
    - Added collectors analyze to not attack low-level mines.
    - If you have giants in your clan castle, the bot will land CC first, then other units. If no giants, then, as always, the CC will be last to land.
    - Fixed problem with multiple launch of the bot.
    - Fixed hero ability using.
    - Fixed bot crash in training
    - Fixed dark drills search, also fixed coordinates of bombing.
    - Last game update fix.
  • Release 6.2.0 17 March 2016
    - Bluestacks 2 is supported now. If you have it, please start the bot first, it will launch Bluestacks.
    - Quick and human-like landing troops round the base.
    - Landing troops just near the collectors (combobox on the tab "Attack").
    - Landing troops to the dark storage and dark collectors (combobox on the tab "Attack").
    - Minimizing the bot to system tray (hide the bluestacks by the button first, to make it absolutely invisible for your boss).
    - Super-speed donate without analyzing request-texts, very usefull for donate-clans!
    - Bombing dark collectors with dark-spells and lighting spells (checkbox on the Attack tab)
    - Now the bot can wait for heroes sleeping (the bottom of "Army" tab). Good for earning trophies!
    - Fixed letters and numbers recognition in donate module
    - Boosting all heroes when you did 80% damage of base
    - Autodetect of living troops by the resources changes and procents of damage
    - Upgrading walls will upgrade only walls, not other buildings
  • Release 6.1.7 09 Feb 2016
    Fixed optimal settings by button "Farm resources".
    Many other bugs fixed with searching and attacking.
  • Release 6.1.6 02 Feb 2016
    Fixed optimal settings by button "Farm resources".
    Fixed training bottles.
    Walls upgrading fixed.
    TH level added to statistics tab.
  • Release 6.1.4 29 Jan 2016
    Better searching of full collectors - just simple use the button "Farm resources" to set the best settings after that update.
    Now the bot can donate dark bottles.
  • Release 6.1.3 27 Jan 2016
    Hot-fix for all known problems of new game update!
    Additionally fixed:
    1. More effective troops training
    2. Cleaning obstacles
    New features to test (beta):
    1. Training spells
    2. Attacking from collectors
    3. Attacking from the dark storage
    4. Additional search otion "Full dark storage"
    Working on (DO NOT USE PLEASE):
    1. Landing on red line
    2. Point-landing
  • Release 5.5.4 31 Dec 2015
    Includes changes in recent betas:
    - New hero (Grand Warden) is also used by the bot.
    - The ability to go into battle while filling the camps by a certain percentage, without waiting for full.
    - Before the search bot will check whether enough gold to find (must be more than 0.25% of total storage).
    - Fixed scheduler.
    - Fixed search empty Inferno towers, the collectors, the town hall.
    - Improved selection of the parameters on the "Farm resources," now it depends on your TH level
    And innovations specifically this version:
    - Automatic completion of the fight, when all units killed
    - Attacking "Fat" bases (more resources twice than you search) and weak bases (pink fence and the level of the town hall on your two below)
    - Auto-fit values ​​of the search resources (decrease by 20% every 50 attempts to find)
    - Fixed a crash of the application in the analysis of the number of troops
    - Attacking TH by goblins is now possible
    link to download this version.
  • Release 5.4.10 16 Dec 2015
    Unexpectable farm after game-update!! Just click "Farm resources" and then checkbox "Find TH in corners"!
    Many changes after game update.
    Clever donate on the same request few kinds of troops.
    Download this version
  • Release 5.4.2 09 Dec 2015
    Dump trophies in interval.
    Fixed bugs with zoom out, reconnect after sync problem and many others.
  • Release 5.3.4 25 Nov 2015
    Boosting mines.
    Reloading X-Bow and Inferno towers.
    Donate on scroll chat, not only top messages.
    Walls upgrade error fixed.
    Some bugs fixed in attacking TH
    Improved zooming on weak VDS/VPS.
  • Release 5.2.8 07.11.2015.
    Auto-reload traps! (Add your TH coordinates on the tab "Shield - Base")
    Auto-boost barracks! (Add your barracks coordinates on the tab "Shield - Base")
    TH attack improved
    Many bugs fixed
  • Release 5.2.7 03.11.2015.
    Ability to save and load settings from file (if you don't like buttons "Farm resources" and "Earn trophies" for some reason)
    Fixed localization
    Fixed many bugs in attacking, donate and others
  • Release 5.2.6 25.10.2015.
    Very clever attacking TownHall! Uses spells also!
    Fixed donate and troop sending in non-background mode.
    Now you can search TH in corners OR low-level TH both together!
  • Release 5.2.3 14.10.2015.
    Building manager - now you can plan your upgrades for a long time.
    Added donate to statistics.
    Fixed lost gold count in stats.
    Other bugs fixed
  • Release 5.2.1 02.10.2015.
    Many bugs fixed.
  • Release 5.1.9 18.09.2015.
    Auto removing obstacles!
    Fixed many bugs attacking on TH
    Donate 8 troops (depends on clan level).
    Detect local chat before donate.
    Added autostart Clash app with bluestacks.
  • Release 5.1.6 14.09.2015.
    Clever attacking on TownHall. Going to the champions!
    Fixed PEKKA landing, clash app relaunching and some bugs.
  • Release 5.1.5 10.09.2015.
    Fixed bug with checking readiness of soldiers.
    Mode attacks by TH.
    It implemented a clever attack to farm cups (search TH in the corner, finding the edge of the landing TH)
    Fixed search TH at the edge.
    The mode of training off the 2nd kompllekta when the piece training. (Useful when Donato without an attack, as well as the extraction cups)
  • Release 5.1.4 02.09.2015.
    Added speed control. Do not use it on fast computers - attack should look like human's!
    4-fingers attacking.
    Fixed training bugs.
  • Release 5.1.3 28.08.2015.
    Piece training bugs fixed, fully translated.
    Searching TH close to the edge of base (beta)
  • Release 5.1.1 07.08.2015.
    Piece training.
    Search for Cups.
    The minimum value of the timer 20 seconds.
    Search bug fixed.
  • Release 5.0.8 26.07.2015.
    Many bugs fixed.
  • Release 5.0.6 22.07.2015.
    Donate master! It donates on request with the speed of the Flash!
    Interface changes and bugs fixed.
  • Release 4.3.9 05.07.2015.
    Fixed bugs upgrading walls and droping troops.
  • Release 4.3.7 01.07.2015.
    Update training process and fixed some bugs after new game update.
  • Release 4.3.3 20.06.2015.
    Walls upgrading with elixir.
    Adapted on new bluestacks version.
    Auto donate troops no anybody.
    Fixed some bugs.
  • Release 4.2.2 27.05.2015.
    Fixed some bugs with spells, mines and stats.
    Walls upgrading.
    Added time period to shield activity.
  • Release 4.1.9 19.05.2015.
    Fixed some bugs.
    Added simple spells training.
    Statistics tab added.
    Attacking with lighting spells on the dark elixir storage.
  • Release 4.1.5 01.05.2015.
    Fixed bugs after game update 30.04.15: training troops on boosted barracks, clan request.
  • Release 4.1.2 27.04.2015.
    Changed Bluestacks window size, it is only one now. Yes, it is little, but the bot works faster and more stable.
    Searching dead bases by 5 params.
    Attack by 4 sides on one random side.
    Attacking by all troops exept golem, PEKKA and witch.
    Choose troops for auto attack.
  • Beta 4.0.4 16.04.2015.
    Changed Bluestacks window size, it is only one now.
    Searching dead bases by 5 params.
    Attack by 4 sides on one random side.
    Attacking by all troops exept golem, PEKKA and witch.
  • Release 3.2.3 03.04.2015.
    Auto-attacking is more human-like now.
    Fixed some bugs.
    Download this version.
  • Release 3.1.1 10.03.2015.
    Auto-attacking by the checkbox.
    Fixed search by TH level in bottom part of the map.
    Try carefully attacking on TH in the corners! Do not use it in master league and upper!
  • Beta-Version 2.2.4 06.03.2015.
    Auto-attack! The bot can attack with: barbarians, archers, giants, bombers, queen and a king. Attacks only two upper lines now.
  • Version 2.1.1 09.02.2015.
    Training troops
    Deffered shield enable
    Search for TH less than set
  • Beta-Version 1.12.13 06.02.2015.
    Added troops training.
    Added French language (thanks to MiSterPGM).
  • Version 1.12.4 27.12.2014.
    Fixed some errors.
    Fixed German language (thanks to Rocky Kasperle).
  • Version 1.12.3 27.12.2014.
    Fixed window size errors.
    If you have it, launch one of .reg files in program folder and after that restart your computer.
    Fixed error with troops during TH search.
    Added German language (thanks to Rocky Kasperle).
  • Version 1.12 11.12.2014.
    All changes of beta-versions 1.11
    Adapted on some toher window sizes.
    Can search TH in corners together with resources.
    Collecting mines in minimized window.
    Fixed work in non-background mode.
  • Beta-version 1.11.9 09.12.2014.
    Finally fixed memory leaks!
    Added ability to search TH 4-5 levels
    Recognition of resources bacomes much more stable!
    Adapted work on some other Bluestacks window sizes.
  • Beta-version 1.11.8 08.12.2014.
    Adapted work on some other Bluestacks window sizes.
    Fixed bugs with non-background searching.
  • Beta-version 1.11.6 04.12.2014.
    Adapted work on some other Bluestacks window sizes.
    Fixed continue search after found.
  • Beta-version 1.11.5 03.12.2014.
    Adapted work on some other Bluestacks window sizes.
    Fixed closing chat window when search.
    Fixed freezing bot window while it is searching.
    Fully translated.
  • Beta-version 1.11.4 26.11.2014.
    Searching TH close to edge of map.
    Optimized on different window sizes.
  • Version 1.10. 12.11.2014.
    Search in background window.
    Fixed error with collecting mines
  • Version 1.9. 11.11.2014.
    Collecting mines.
    Fixed mistakes

Users' comments about the bot


The program CoCTimer works only with the game "[Deleted Name Of The Game]" by Supercell Oy, the authorship of the game application, characters in the game and other graphics belong to the company Supercell Oy.