The CRoTimer bot for the Clash Royale game

Maybe you met these problems:

Start the CRoTimer and it will make stuff for you!


Log of the bot for Clash Royale
Searching tournaments settings in Clash Royale
Donate settings for the bot for Clash Royale
Attack settings of the bot for Clash Royale
Settings of upgrading and buying cards in Clash Royale
Statistics tab of the CRoTimer bot

Setup takes a couple of minutes - just walk through the tabs "Home", "Donate", "Attacks", "Sheduler" and select the options you need: which cards to donate, which to request, can the bot attack etc. Here are some features of the bot:

And yes, you can play Clash Royale on your PC, even if you played it on iOS before! Just sync your accounts by the game settings and play wherever you want.

How to play Clash of Clans on PC (Windows XP, Windows 7 etc.)

You need to install on your home or work computer (maybe both) emulator-program of operating system Android, which allows you to run any games and applications from your smartphone.

The best Android emulator today is BlueStacks App Player , available for free download from the official site.

But the program has disadvantages. For its free, it requires the installation of several dozen different applications, so the first 10-30 minutes (depending on the speed of your internet) do not do anything in the program, because it can exit the application and restart the emulator.

The next step after installing the emulator BlueStacks - installing the game Clash of Clans inside it. This is done as usual on android, just imagine that you have a new tablet. Going into the installed game, don't worry, you do not have to start all over again!

Just use the function "Link a device", and then follow the developer.

But if you've played with the device on android earlier, then try to use the button "Google+ link", that can automatically link the game to your main account.

How to use the shield and searching bot

  1. Download and install the "BlueStacks App Player"
  2. Download and install this bot
  3. Launch the bot with the context menu "As administrator"
  4. Click the button "Register" and put your activation key. You can get free trial for 3 days of testing by the program menu.
  5. Walk through the tabs of the bot to make settings that you need to donate, request and upgrade.
  6. If the big button with the king image is gray, click it to turn the bot on.
  7. That's all! Be sure, that the window of Bluestacks is not in front of others and relax, look how it works or just go somewhere you need to.
  8. Please do not block your system screen and do disable hibernate and other energy-saving options for better working of the bot.

Here is video-demonstration of the bot:

Try the CRoTimer bot absolutely FREE!

Price for unlimited key 12$ includes all future updates of the bot. The key can be used only on one computer.

It is unbelievable, but most of the cards you need, you get from your clanmates with cards-request. Usually player makes 2 requests - One in the morning and one in the evening before going to sleep, but the bot makes 3 request every day! Absolutely stable with no "forget"! So every day with bot you get 1.5-times more needed cards. Also the bot will open free chests every 4 hours and can attack somebody, but only if you are nor afraid to save big trophies. You can get the key automatically just after the payment if you use internet-shop, it has many kindes of payment including banking card, paypal etc. Also you can get a refund in 3 days after your purchase if something not work or you don't like how it works (but better use free demo-version before buing). Just follow one of this links to get the subscription:
FREE All functionality

3 days of using
3$ USD All functionality

1 month of using
6$ USD All functionality

3 months of using
9$ USD All functionality

6 months of using

Direct methods of payment without comission fee (need to put your email in the comment of payment):

If you don't like the bot for some reason, I guarantee a full refund for you (only if your using period of the bot is less than 4 days).

Put your email in the comment of payment, I will send you activation code. Or email me the payment confirmation.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to email me, skype genix.g or ICQ 300117114.

download bot

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is system requirements?

Answer: Windows 7-10, 1Gb RAM (for Bluestacks)

Question: How does the bot's shield work?

Answer: The "Shield" works like a clicker, with some period clicking to the game window and making stuff. So, nobody knows that you are using the bot.
Please disable all energysaving options, because the bot will stop to work.

Question: The bot doesn't work

Answer: One of this will help:

Question: After some time bot stops to work.

Answer: Disable all energysaving options and do not launch games in fullscreen.

Question: If I reinstall Windows or change my computer, do I need to buy another key?

Answer: No, just send me your key and I will clear computer info on it, so you can activate it somewhere else.

Question: The bot says can't work in background mode

Answer: Three soultions:

Question: Can't autoupdate.

Answer: Launch the bot with administrator rules or copy to another folder.

Question: The bot doesn't work with Bluestacks in fullscreen mode.

Answer: Do not use Bluestacks fullscreen mode with the bot.

Question: Will I be banned with this bot?

Answer: The bot is absolutely safe of bans, because it plays like a human - just simple clicking. No scripts, no cheats! The COCTimer makes every single click in other point with random variation. Every time period also has random variable. Be safe!

Changes history and future updates

Price includes all future updates of the bot, such as:
  1. More effective and clever attacking

Change history:

  • Release 2.2.6 15 April 2021
    Fixed donating, attacking and buying cards
    Download this version.
  • Release 2.2.4 06/09/2020
    New cards added
    Can work with the latest Bluestacks
    Download this version.
  • Release 2.1.8 07/11/2019
    Fixed many bugs related to updating the game: collecting chests, donates, hanging on different information windows, etc.
    Download this version.
  • Release 2.1.7 17 April 2019
    - New card added
    - Fixed bot working after game update
  • Release 2.1.6 27 December 2018
    - Fixed bot crash suring new cards donate
    - Fixed tourtament leaving to attack
  • Release 2.1.5 14 December 2018
    Fixed some problems with game update, added new cards
  • Release 2.0.19 04 May 2018
    Fixed many problems with new features in game
  • Release 2.0.16 20 April 2018
    Fixed Bluestacks launch
    Collect free chest and bonuses
    Auto detect deck every launch of the bot
  • Release 2.0.13 13 February 2018
    Added new cards
    Updated to .NetFramewrok 4.0
  • Release 2.0.11 11 October 2017
    Fixed other bugs with game update
  • Release 2.0.9 10 October 2017
    Fixed 2x2 attack
  • Release 2.0.8 11 September 2017
    Fixed Tomb donate and request
    Fixed error with opening clan chest
  • Release 2.0.7 05 September 2017
    Now you can choose - attack in 2 x 2 battle without loose of trophies or 1x1 to get more for clan chest!
    Download this version
  • Release 2.0.6 14 July 2017
    Now the bot can attack in 2 x 2 battle without loose of trophies!
  • Release 2.0.4 07 July 2017
    Added new cards
    Fixed bugs with latest game update
    Now supports MEmu and Bluestacks 2.6 and less.
    Download this version
  • Release 1.1.7 26 March 2017
    Added new cards
    Improved attacks
    Fixed bugs with latest game update
  • Release 1.1.4 30 December 2016
    Donate and request Epic cards!
    Fixed bugs with latest game update
  • Release 1.0.9 21 September 2016
    Added button "Hide Bluestacks".
    Fixed bugs with working in pair with the COCTimer.
  • Release 1.0.8 21 September 2016
    Few bugs fixed with new version of the Clash Royale game.
  • Release 1.0.7 16 September 2016
    Automatic attacking in tourtaments! Even if you are afraid to loose your trophies, the bot can make some gold in battles with no fear!
    Attack improved
    Fully translated interface
  • Release 1.0.5 24 August 2016
    Searching and joining tournaments! Do not need to create your competition, just launch the bot search for tournaments and it will join it as fast as you can imagine! Usually it takes about 5 minutes to find and join competition.
    Also some bugs fixed
  • Release 1.0.4 22 July 016
    - remote disabling by the link
    - minimize the bot to the system tray (menu Settings)
    - sync working with #COCTimer
    - supporting energy saving options
  • Release 1.0.3 22 July 2016
    Fixed donate and request
    Fixed elixir detection
    Fixed attacking mode detection
    Added attack log
    Some other bugs fixed

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